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An Unexpected Surprise!

It’s June!! Summer is here and I have something fun to fill you in on!

As you may or may not know, I am in vocational ministry - I LOVE working for the church and I LOVE having women in my home who I get to study the Bible with…both are some of my favorite things.

But a few weeks ago I felt a deep conviction over my own kids. I may be doing a lot of ministry "things", but how am I discipling my OWN kids? 
(*discipling is basically pointing people to Jesus and teaching them about His way)

School was coming to an end and I knew I needed to do something to keep them engaged in non-technology things throughout the Summer. 

SO I put together a VERY simple eight-week devotional for them to follow and it has been such a hit, I thought I would share it with you, too!! 

It is super simple:

Each week there is only ONE Bible verse, so 8 verses over 8 weeks. Every day they have to write out that same verse of the week and answer three prayer-prompt questions. Since my boys ask for technology every day of the week, I figured I would make the devotions for all 7 days of the week. The rule at our house is devo’s before technology and so far, so good!

Already they have memorized that first verse because of the repetition. (And I may have promised a reward if they memorize all 8 verses...I am not above bribery) 

It takes them about 10 minutes each day, but they love doing it when I am doing my own devotions. It's like we're doing it together! So that is great accountability for me, too.

The unexpected surprise has been that they actually really enjoy it, and when I read their prayer prompts, it makes for some awesome conversations! I get a little insight into the workings of their minds! (Like Mick, asking God for another baby 🥴 sorry bud, not happening!)

AND at the request of a friend who has girls, I made one for them, too!! ❤️

You can find them on Amazon if you're interested for $6.99.

The links are here:
Amazon US
Summer Devos for Boys:
Summer Devos for Girls:

Summer Devos for Boys:
Summer Devos for Girls:

Happy Friday!!

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Our Life As Ministry
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